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10 Years in Federal Prison Without Parole for First Time Offenders

Fact: According to federal guidelines, a first time offender who sells 10 grams of LSD would be sentenced to 10 years in federal prison. 

Fact: The first time offender would not be eligible for parole. 

Source: Incarceration Nation, Foreign Policy Passport


Growth of Civil Asset Forfeiture

Fact: In many states and in all federal enforcement agencies, police may seize items believed to be used in committing a crime or bought with the profits of a crime. This applies to felonies and some misdemeanors.

Fact: Police make the initial decision at the time of the arrest, but they can keep the items regardless of whether the suspect is charged or convicted.

Fact: Police use or spend the items to make purchases and fund salaries for the department.

Fact: In 2003, the federal government seized $479 million worth of property. In 2012, it seized $4.18 billion, a nearly 1000% increase.

Source: Guilty Until Proven Innocent, Star-Telegram

No Criminal Charges for Drug Money Laundering By Banks

Fact: HSBC, the British banking giant, laundered billions of dollars for Mexican and Colombian drug cartels and violated several major banking laws.

Fact: The Justice Department declined to press criminal charges.

Fact: The bank settled with the Justice Department to a fine of $1.9 billion, just a bit more than a month of the bank’s income. The executives who laundered the money will have to defer part of their bonus compensation for five years.

Source: Rolling Stone, Outrageous HSBC Settlement Proves the Drug War Is A Joke