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Police Shoot and Kill Hundreds Every Year

Fact: Recent estimates of police shootings estimate over 1000 citizens killed annually.

Fact: The last time the FBI released statistics on police killings was in 2009. The count was approximately 400. The release of statistics has since stopped due to reliability issues.

Fact: There is no national tracking system for this data, and there is no national data available on non-lethal shootings by police officers.

Fact: According to the FBI, 44 police officers were lethally shot in 2012, with an additional four more killed in the line of duty.

Source: How many police shootings a year? No one knows, Washington Post


Not One Police Officer in Florida Charged With Deadly Force in 20 Years

Fact: Not a single Florida police officer has been charged, much less convicted, with using deadly force in the last 20 years. 

Source: Florida Prosecutors Face Long Odds When Police Use Lethal Force, New York Times