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African Americans 5x as Likely to be Injured By Police

Fact: African Americans are five times as likely to be sent to the emergency room for police-caused injuries than whites.

Fact: Hispanics are approximately twice as likely to be sent to the emergency room for police-caused injuries than whites.

SourceBlack people are five times as likely as white people to be injured by police, Vox


Prisons As America’s New Asylums

Fact: There are approximately 10 times as many people with severe mental illness in prisons than there are in state psychiatric hospitals.

Fact: Approximately 15% of the prison population is estimated to suffer from severe mental illness, according to the Department of Justice.

Fact: In addition to the increased number of prisoners with mental illnesses, the severity of the illnesses is also rising.

Source: The Treatment of Persons with Mental Illness in Prisons and Jails: A State Survey, The Treatment Advocacy Center and the National Sheriff’s Association

Bureau of Prisons Conception of Mental Illness

Fact: Both publicly and in court filings, the Bureau of Prisons insists that mental illness is treatable and curable, like a cold or infection, rather than a permanent condition.

Fact: No other prison system is known to use this concept. No others in the corrections or psychology field takes this view.

SourceThe Federal Bureau of Prisons’ Abuses of Solitary Confinement, Washington Lawyer’s Committee on Civil Rights and Urban Affairs