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United States of America (plaintiff) vs. $25,180.00 in United States Currency (defendant)

Fact: The above title was an actual court case last year.

Fact: There have been almost 62,000 cash seizures without search warrants or indictments since 2001, totaling $2.5 billion in revenues for federal, state, and local authorities.

Fact: In many cases, the owner is not even charged with a crime.

Fact: Half of all seizures were below $8,800.

Fact: Almost 300 departments and an additional 210 task forces have seized 20% or more of their annual budgets since 2008.

SourceStop and Seize, the Washington Post


Not One Police Officer in Florida Charged With Deadly Force in 20 Years

Fact: Not a single Florida police officer has been charged, much less convicted, with using deadly force in the last 20 years. 

Source: Florida Prosecutors Face Long Odds When Police Use Lethal Force, New York Times