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3 Warrants Per Household in Ferguson in 2013

Fact: The municipal court of the city of Ferguson, MO disposed 24,532 warrants and 12,018 cases in 2013. 

Fact: This amounts to roughly 3 warrants and 1.5 cases per household. 

Fact: The city raised $2.6 million in revenue from these cases, or about $321 in fines and fees per household. 

SourceArchCity Defenders: Municipal Courts White Paper


Right to Counsel & Public Defenders Overload

Fact: In Wisconsin, more than 11,000 poor people go to court without representation annually. Anyone who makes more than $3,000 per year is considered able to afford a lawyer.

Fact: In Lake Charles, Louisiana, the public defender’s office has two investigators for the 2,500+ felony cases assigned to the office annually.

Source: The New Jim Crow, Michelle Alexander


Fact: In St. Louis County, public defenders routinely handle more than 200 felony cases per year, including murder and rape cases. Because of the overload, about 4,000 juveniles are sentenced without representation annually.

Fact: At times, St. Louis County public defenders represent clients in 10 different cases simultaneously.

Source: The New York Times, Public Defenders, Bolstered by a Work Analysis and Rulings, Push Back Against a Tide of Cases