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Life Without Parole in Louisiana

Fact: There are at least 175 inmates serving life without parole (LWOP) for nonviolent crimes in Louisiana. This includes:

  • Vincent Cushinello, who is serving LWOP for slashing tires in 2001;
  • Anthony Kelly, sentenced to LWOP for possession of 32 grams of marijuana with intent to distribute in 1999, at age 25;
  • Fate Vincent Winslow, sentenced to LWOP for acting as a go-between in the sale of two small bags of marijuana, worth $10 in total, to an undercover police officer when he was homeless.

Fact: The 175 inmates will cost the taxpayers of Louisiana nearly $100 million over the span of their incarceration.

Source: Three Recommendations for Sentencing Reform in Louisiana; Reason Foundation


Life in Prison on First Nonviolent Offense

Fact: For nearly 20% of those serving life without parole for a nonviolent drug or property crime are doing so for their first offense.

Fact: In more than 80% of these cases, the judges had no choice but to sentence to life, based on mandatory-minimum offender statutes.

Fact: Only 20% of countries in the world allow a sentence of life without parole, typically for “murder or repeated violent crimes.”

Source: New York Times, Sentenced to a Slow Death