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Unrestricted Shackling of Juveniles and Pregnant Women

Fact: 36 states allow the indiscriminate shackling of juveniles in court rooms.

Fact: Only 18 states prohibit or restrict the shackling of pregnant prisoners, including during labor.

Fact: Roughly 12,000 women are pregnant at the time of incarceration, including thousands who give birth while incarcerated annually.

Source: DC Attorneys Want Juveniles Released from Shackles in Court, Washington Post; The Shackling of Pregnant Women and Girls in U.S. Prisons, Jails, and Youth Detention Centers; ACLU


Philadelphia School District Employs 450 Full-Time Police Officers

Fact: In 2008, the school district of Philadelphia employed 450 full-time law enforcement personnel. 

Fact: Several other U.S. public school systems employed over one hundred full-time law enforcement personnel, including Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, Palm Beach, Las Vegas, and Baltimore school districts.

Source: “Census of State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies, 2008,” Bureau of Justice Statistics

Youth Injustice, Part III

Fact: Juvenile courts handle approximately 4,600 youth “delinquency” cases each day – about 1.7 million annually.  In about 1 out of 5 of these cases, the youth is detained.

Fact: On any given day, approximately 70,000 youth are held in juvenile detention facilities.

Fact: 1 out of 4 youth detention centers is over capacity.

Fact: More than 1 out of 10 youth in detention report sexual assault in the last year.

Fact: 2 out of 3 youth are detained for nonviolent offenses.

Source: Key Facts, Campaign for Youth Justice

Youth Injustice, Part I

Fact: Approximately 250,000 youth are tried, sentenced, or incarcerated as adults annually.

Fact: Of youth who spend time in an adult jail, more than half serve for at least one month, while 1 out of 5 will serve more than six months.

Fact: Of youth who spend time in adult jails, as much as half will be sent back to the juvenile justice system or not convicted at all.

Source: Key Facts, Campaign for Youth Justice