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U.S. Holds Almost 1/3 of All Female Prisoners in the World

Fact: Almost 1/3 of the world’s female prisoners are in the United States.

Fact: The U.S. incarcerates over 200,000 women.

Fact: This is more than China, Russia, and Brazil combined.

Source: Nearly a Third of All Female Prisoners Worldwide Are Incarcerated in the United States, Forbes


Unrestricted Shackling of Juveniles and Pregnant Women

Fact: 36 states allow the indiscriminate shackling of juveniles in court rooms.

Fact: Only 18 states prohibit or restrict the shackling of pregnant prisoners, including during labor.

Fact: Roughly 12,000 women are pregnant at the time of incarceration, including thousands who give birth while incarcerated annually.

Source: DC Attorneys Want Juveniles Released from Shackles in Court, Washington Post; The Shackling of Pregnant Women and Girls in U.S. Prisons, Jails, and Youth Detention Centers; ACLU

Clinical Trials Challenged By Incarceration

Fact: A recent study by Yale University indicates that poor follow-up rates in 14 National Institutes of Health-funded studies may be attributed to the mass incarceration state.

Fact: Approximately 65% of the loss of follow-up among black male participants is attributed to incarceration.

Source: Politico, Black Men, Incarceration and Clinical Trials

Prison Rape, Historic Proportions

Fact: The Justice Department estimates that in 2008, 216,000 prisoners suffered from rape.

Fact: Because prison rape victims are often assaulted multiple times, it is likely that prison rape accounted for the majority of all rape in the United States in 2008.

Fact: Based on DOJ figures then,  the United States is likely the first country in the history of the world to experience more rapes of men than of women.  

Source: N+1, Raise the Crime Rate