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Not One Police Officer in Florida Charged With Deadly Force in 20 Years

Fact: Not a single Florida police officer has been charged, much less convicted, with using deadly force in the last 20 years. 

Source: Florida Prosecutors Face Long Odds When Police Use Lethal Force, New York Times


SWAT Teams for “barbering without a license”

Fact: In 2010, Florida police conducted a series of “SWAT” style raids on minority-owned barbershops.

Fact: 35 people were physically arrested by masked officers for “barbering without an active license.”

Source: Another Lawsuit Filed in Barbershop Raids, Orlando Sentinel


Fact: Globally, less than 1 out of 9 countries have bans on voting post-release from jail. In the U.S., every state does, except for Vermont and Maine.

Source: “Felon voting rights have a bigger impact on U.S. elections than voter ID laws

Fact: In at least three states (Florida, Virginia, Kentucky), more than one fifth of the adult black population is ineligible to vote because of criminal convictions. Across the nation, 1 out of 13 blacks are ineligible to vote.

Source: Sentencing Project, State Level Estimates of Felon Disenfranchisement in the U.S.

Fact: In Florida, 10% of the population is ineligible to vote because of a ban on felons at the polls.

Source: New York Times, on Eric Holder