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Marijuana Arrest Facts, Part III

Fact: 9 out of 10 U.S. adults believe that people who possess or use small amounts of marijuana should *not* face jail time.

Fact: The majority of Americans support legalizing marijuana possession and use.

Fact: More than 42% of Americans report having tried marijuana use in their life time.

SourceThe Uncovery, ACLU


Marijuana Arrest Facts, Part I

Fact: The majority of drug arrests are for marijuana.

Fact: Police in America make a marijuana arrest every 37 seconds.

Fact: Nearly 9 out of 10 marijuana arrests are for simple possession.

Fact: 62% of marijuana arrests in 2010 were of people 24 years old and younger.

SourceThe Uncovery, ACLU


Life Without Parole in Louisiana

Fact: There are at least 175 inmates serving life without parole (LWOP) for nonviolent crimes in Louisiana. This includes:

  • Vincent Cushinello, who is serving LWOP for slashing tires in 2001;
  • Anthony Kelly, sentenced to LWOP for possession of 32 grams of marijuana with intent to distribute in 1999, at age 25;
  • Fate Vincent Winslow, sentenced to LWOP for acting as a go-between in the sale of two small bags of marijuana, worth $10 in total, to an undercover police officer when he was homeless.

Fact: The 175 inmates will cost the taxpayers of Louisiana nearly $100 million over the span of their incarceration.

Source: Three Recommendations for Sentencing Reform in Louisiana; Reason Foundation

95% of federal convictions are without trials

Fact: 95% of federal convictions are without trials. For drug-related federal offenses, the figure is 97%.

Source: An Offer You Can’t Refuse by Human Rights Watch, covered by Salon

“The policy of mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenses has empowered the government to effectively nullify the constitutional right to a trial.” – George Will