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250,000 Youth Tried in Adult Criminal Justice System Annually

Fact: Approximately 250,000 youths are tried in the adult criminal justice system annually.

Fact: On any given night, approximately 60,000 youth are incarcerated in a correctional facility or out-of-home placement.

Fact: Approximately 10,000 are incarcerated in an adult jail or prison.

Fact: The overwhelming majority are accused of minor and nonviolent offenses.

Source: Juvenile Justice, Public Welfare  Foundation


Children of Inmates & Mental Illness

Fact: There are approximately 2.7 million children with one or both parents incarcerated in the United States.

Fact: One quarter of black children born in 1990 have seen a parent go to jail or prison by age 14.  

Fact: Children with incarcerated parents are three times more likely to suffer depression and behavioral problems. 

Fact: Children with incarcerated parents are also more likely to suffer from higher levels of asthma, obesity, and speech problems. 

Source: Kids are Paying the Price for America’s Prison Binge, Mother Jones

U.S. is One of Two Countries with No Federal Minimum Age for Criminal Responsibility

Fact: In the United States, there is no federally set minimum age for criminal responsibility.

Fact: 37 states have also opted not to establish a minimum age of criminal responsibility.

Fact: This is in violation of the UNICEF Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Fact: The United States is one of only two countries in the world to have signed but not ratified the convention, with the other being Somalia. 

Source: Incarceration Nation, Foreign Policy Passport

Philadelphia School District Employs 450 Full-Time Police Officers

Fact: In 2008, the school district of Philadelphia employed 450 full-time law enforcement personnel. 

Fact: Several other U.S. public school systems employed over one hundred full-time law enforcement personnel, including Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, Palm Beach, Las Vegas, and Baltimore school districts.

Source: “Census of State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies, 2008,” Bureau of Justice Statistics

48% of Unaccompanied Children in Immigration Court Do Not Have Lawyers

Fact: According to an Executive Office for Immigration Review dataset of approximately 100,000 immigration court cases for unaccompanied minors, almost half (48%) of defendants are not represented by an attorney. 

Fact: In every case, the government is represented by an attorney. 

Fact: In currently pending cases, less than one third (31%) of unaccompanied children are represented by an attorney. 

Fact: In cases where a child was represented by a lawyer, 47% were allowed to stay in the United States. 

Fact: In cases where a child was not represented by a lawyer, 10% were allowed to stay in the United States. 

Source: Immigration Reports, Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, Syracuse University